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Wheelabrator EZX Blast Wheel

A brand-new blast wheel for North American customers. The pioneering EZX model is engineered to help foundries ramp up production while saving time and costs. Designed as a successor to the longstanding, much-loved EZEFIT fit which is known and trusted by customers in the USA, Canada and Mexico – EZX incorporates cutting-edge engineering for the same price. Taking what customers loved about the EZEFIT, Wheelabrator has combined it with technology pioneered in Europe to deliver an optimally engineered wheel that will be available in EZEFIT sizes to enable direct replacement. The result is a unique proposition, specifically designed to meet the needs of our North American customers and to help them save time, resource and money. Built to solve complex production challenges, EZX can be used for a variety of applications including tumblast equipment, table machines, hanger-type machines, horizontal belt machines, plate machines, wire mesh belt machines. For more information visit: https://www.wheelabratorg

Feb 12, 2018 Petrina Cartner-Flynn

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