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Lightning Animations (492 videos)


--January is mid-summer in the Southern Hemisphere. --Most of the lightning over Africa is along and south of the equator during this month. --Most lightning is during the day. --Essentially no lightning occurs over the Sahara, except on the Mediterranean coast. --There is not much lightning activity in the equatorial trough, except from the 22nd to 24th over the Atlantic Ocean. --A broad swath from Equatorial Guinea in the west, to Madagascar in the east, has thunderstorms nearly every day in January; there is usually not much movement to these storms. --Systems are traveling from west to east only at the higher latitudes to the south in this view. ~ Ron Holle

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--1st to 5th, 10th to 11th, 27th to 28th: Several thunderstorm systems move from NW to SE over Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. --4th to 7th: A small line of storms develops over eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo and moves SW to Angola. --13th: A well-organized line develops over South Africa and moves NE. --17th of month: A strong system enters NW Africa from Spain, but dies. --21st of month: A small line of storms occurs over Mali. --22nd to 24th: Weak sea breeze thunderstorms occur along the Atlantic coast from Sierra Leone to Nigeria. ~ Ron Holle

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