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Lightning Animations (492 videos)


--Lightning activity over the U.S. is often in large organized systems that develop and are most intense in the Southern Plains, then grow and move to the E or NE. --Canada and Alaska have increasing amounts of lightning in May. --The equatorial trough over the Atlantic is intermittent between Ivory Coast and northeast Brazil; the trough over the eastern North Pacific is well defined earlier in May. --Scattered lightning occurs over the mountainous western U.S. through most of the month. --Mexican lightning is confined to the E of the Sierra Madre Oriental Mountains. --Central America has very active thunderstorms during May. --04 to 06 May: Thunderstorms linger NE of Hawaii. --07 to 08 May: Nearly one million strokes in line from Oklahoma to southeast. --08 to 10 May: Very well-defined straight east-west equatorial trough over Eastern Pacific; elements within the trough move from E to W. --18 to 28 May: Several large north-south squall lines from Kansas to Texas have severe weather. ~Ron Holle

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