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Lightning Animations (492 videos)


--December is the first month of meteorological summer in the Southern Hemisphere, and of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. --The equatorial trough, also called the Intertropical Convergence Zone, is often well defined in an east-west alignment over the Atlantic Ocean between Africa and South America, and is more diffuse over the Arabian Sea. --Afternoon thunderstorms form daily and move W over sub-Saharan Africa, typically originating in Ethiopia and other higher-elevation regions to the S earlier in the month, then are stationary later in the month. --Madagascar has daily thunderstorms that grow in intensity through the month. --The northern edge of lightning activity shifted south after the 5th to south of 5 degrees north latitude, which places thunderstorms over the Atlantic south of the West African countries. --Lightning is almost non-existent over the Sahara south of the Mediterranean. ~Ron Holle

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--01 to 07; 23 to 27; 29 to 31 December: Saudi Arabia lightning occurs in lines and clusters. --12 to 17 December: A nearly stationary circulation is over the Mediterranean Sea on the north coasts of Libya and Egypt. --20 to 24 December: A large line of thunderstorms moves eastward over the Indian Ocean from South Africa along a trough/frontal boundary. ~Ron Holle

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