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Lightning Animations (492 videos)


--August is the last month of meteorological summer in the Northern Hemisphere. --China and Russia have frequent lightning during August in varying configurations. --The major islands and land areas of tropical Southeast Asia have daily thunderstorms in sea breezes and along mountain slopes; they move mostly from the west. --Most thunderstorms at higher latitudes move from west to east. --Over India, there is widespread lightning over the north and east, and less to the south and west. --The equatorial trough, the Intertropical Convergence Zone, is not identifiable over the Indian and Western Pacific Oceans. ~Ron Holle

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--06 August: Highest latitude August lightning is at 75 N to the northeast of New Siberian Islands. --16 to 18 August: Typhoon Soulik apparent to the southeast of southern Japan. --17 to 22 August: Recurrent sea breeze thunderstorms along southeast coast of China. --19 to 21 August: Squall line moves north to south across Pakistan. ~Ron Holle

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