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Lightning Animations (492 videos)


--03 August: An east-west-oriented squall line is moving north to south from Michigan. --06 to 08 August: Typhoon Soudelor is apparent in curved bands of lightning as it moves from ESE to WNW across Taiwan and onward to China. --07 to 20 August: Frequent lightning activity over Italy. --08 August: The farthest north August lightning is north of the New Siberian Islands. --13, 16, and 24 August: Clusters of lightning form over northern Pakistan and move south. --16 to 17 August: Thunderstorms move from SE to NW across Germany. --22 to 23 August: A large system from central Ontario to Kansas moves east and splits, one part east to the Great Lakes and the other southeast to Arkansas. --23 August: The U.K. has its only large August lightning event on this date. ~Ron Holle

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