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Lightning Animations (492 videos)


--Daily storms occur in the North American Monsoon over NW Mexico and SW U.S.; storms extend to Baja California in the middle of the month, and to southern California in late July. --Daily thunderstorms form over Florida, Cuba, Hispaniola, and Central America. Activity is intermittent over Puerto Rico due to the strong easterlies. --Daily afternoon lightning is frequent over all of the interior U.S. western mountain states during the first half of the month, and lesser amounts later in the month. --01 to 03 July: Lightning is occurring along the north slope of Alaska and Yukon Territory. --13 to 14 July: Derechos form over Wisconsin and move SE during the afternoon on consecutive days; widespread damaging winds occurred in this region. --13 to 14 July: Tropical storm Claudette formed offshore Virginia, moving NE ~Ron Holle

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