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Lightning Animations (492 videos)


--August is the last month of meteorological summer in the Northern Hemisphere. --August lightning is dominated by the diurnal cycle that has most activity during afternoons. --Most thunderstorms at higher latitudes move from west to east, while they move from varying directions in tropical regions. --The major islands and land areas of tropical Southeast Asia have thunderstorms nearly every afternoon in sea breezes and along mountain slopes. Motion is from varying directions near the equator. --Thunderstorms form to the south and north of the Himalayas on most August days. --The eastern half of the Indian subcontinent and southern half of China have frequent lightning throughout August. --Lightning over Russia is frequent and tends to be in very long lines, often moving from the west or southwest. ~Ron Holle

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--09 to 11 August: Lightning to the far north over the New Siberian Islands. --13 to 15 August: Long thin line of lightning over north-central Russia, simultaneously with a cyclonic circulation to its south. --22 to 25 August: Continuous long line of lightning across western Russia moving rapidly to east. --23 to 24 August: The circulation of Typhoon Hato moves northwest to over southern China. --23 to 25 August: Strong squall line moves from northeast to southwest form southern China across northern Vietnam and further to the southwest. --26 to 29 August: Large cyclonic circulation prevails over India. --28 to 31 August: The circulation of Typhoon Sanvu is east of Japan. ~Ron Holle

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