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Lightning Animations (492 videos)


--September is the first month of meteorological autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. --September lightning over the United States is less frequent than in August, and usually in clusters and lines. --The North American Monsoon steadily weakens through September in northwest Mexico and the southwest U.S. --The east-west aligned equatorial trough, the Intertropical Convergence Zone, is usually weak over the eastern North Pacific and western Atlantic during September, except it is more consistent offshore to the west of Central America. --Canada and Alaska have much less lightning than in August. --Central America and Mexico have frequent thunderstorms. --Thunderstorms over Brazil steadily extend further south during the course of the month. ~Ron Holle

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--05 to 07 September: Cold frontal boundary has a large amount of associated lightning from New England to Texas. --05 to 12 September: The circulation of Hurricane Irma is evident starting east of Puerto Rico while it moves to the west, then north over Florida. --07 to 10 September: Thunderstorms extend to the northwest United State and southwest British Columbia. --20 to 23 September: The circulation of Hurricane Maria is apparent over Puerto Rico while it moves to the west, then northwest to the Atlantic east of the United States. --28 to 30 September: The circulation of Hurricane Lee is occasionally visible east of Bermuda. ~Ron Holle

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