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Lightning Animations (492 videos)


--May is the last month of meteorological autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. --Most lightning near the equator is over land and during the day as shown by pulsing of white colors. --The equatorial trough, also called the Intertropical Convergence Zone, is in an east-northeast/west-southwest alignment over the Atlantic Ocean, and well defined in an east-west swath over the Eastern North Pacific. --Lightning activity shifts to the north of 10 degrees South latitude over Brazil by the end of May. --Over Brazil, daily thunderstorms over much of the country move from the east, while they sometimes move from the northeast closer to the Pacific. Individual storms do not travel far or survive into the next day. --The Andes provide a sharp western boundary in a NNW-SSE line and no lightning occurs over the cold water offshore of the Andes. --The South Atlantic and South Pacific Oceans away from the continent have few thunderstorms. ~Ron Holle

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--02 to 04 May: Thunderstorms persist over northern Argentina. --18 to 19 May: A cold front clears thunderstorms over land areas from south to north from Argentina to central Brazil. --22 to 27 May: Large cyclonic circulation moves slowly over South Atlantic from Argentina’s coastline to east. ~Ron Holle

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