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--August is the last month of meteorological summer in the Northern Hemisphere. --Most thunderstorms at higher latitudes move from west to east, while they move from varying directions in tropical regions. --The major islands and land areas of tropical Southeast Asia have thunderstorms nearly every afternoon due to sea breezes and along mountain slopes. --The Indian subcontinent has frequent diurnally-forced lightning, primarily in the northern portion until late in the month. --The Himalayas have minimal lightning directly over them, but frequent activity to the north and south. --Organized thunderstorm systems and lines occur over Russia throughout the month, moving generally from the west. --The southern Red Sea has afternoon thunderstorms on most August days over the coasts of Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Eritrea. --New diurnally-forced storms form on many days over Kyrgyzstan. ~Ron Holle

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--12 to 14 August: A cyclonic circulation is apparent over Kazakhstan. --14 to 15 August: Intense thunderstorm complex over southern China moves east to west. --18 to 20 August: Thunderstorm complex forms over northern Vietnam and moves west to Bangladesh. --24 to 29 August: Typhoon Lionrock has a well-defined cyclonic circulation south of Japan, moving north. ~Ron Holle

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