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Lightning Animations (492 videos)


--June is the first month of meteorological summer in the Northern Hemisphere. --Lightning activity over the U.S. is often in large organized systems that develop and are most intense in the Southern Plains, then grow and move to the E or SE. These systems can produce more lightning than anywhere else in the world. --Canada has widespread lightning in June; Alaska activity is mostly in the southern and eastern regions. --The equatorial trough over the Atlantic is intermittent between Africa and northeast Brazil; the trough over the eastern North Pacific is active in June. --Scattered lightning occurs over the mountainous western U.S. north of Arizona in June. --Mexican lightning is mostly E of the Sierra Madre Oriental Mountains. --Central America has very active thunderstorms during June. ~Ron Holle

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--06 June: Frequent lightning over Honolulu. --09 to 10 June: Lightning cluster moves N to S across Oklahoma and Texas. --19 to 20 June: Cyclonic circulation in Northwest Territories of Canada. --21 to 22 June: Lightning along North Shore of Alaska. --21 to 23 June: Mesoscale connective system WNW to ESE from western Nebraska to Tennessee with very frequent lightning. ~Ron Holle

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