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Lightning Animations (492 videos)


--Numerous large organized thunderstorm lines and complexes form in the western U.S. and Mexico and move east across the continent every few days. --Lightning activity begins over the eastern half of Mexico nearly every day and often moves east. --No significant Central America lightning occurs until the 14th, then it is observed nearly every day for the rest of the month. --08 April: Some lightning occurs in the central California mountains. --09-11 April: A SW to NE swath of lightning spreads from Texas to Canada. --10-26 April: Cuba has daily afternoon lightning. --12-14 April: A cluster of lightning begins over southern Baja California and moves E to the U.S. Gulf Coast. --21 April: A line of storms breaks into individual cells across Pennsylvania. -23-28 April: Afternoon thunderstorms form over the higher mountains of the western U.S. under a cold low aloft. --29-30 April: A long stationary line of thunderstorms extends from west of Florida eastward into the central Atlantic Ocean. ~Ron Holle

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--09 April: Several tornadoes, one an EF-4, occurred in central and northern Illinois during the later afternoon to evening. ~Ron Holle

May 6, 2015 8:00:58 PM Dave Fincher