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Lightning Animations (492 videos)


General --April is the middle month of meteorological spring in the Northern Hemisphere. --Lightning activity over the U.S. is in large organized systems that often develop and are most intense in the Southern Plains, then grow and move to the E or NE. --Canada and Alaska have minimal lightning in April. --The equatorial trough over the Atlantic is well defined and continuous between Ivory Coast and northeast Brazil; the trough is weaker over the eastern North Pacific where it occasionally shows a double structure. --Central American lightning is sporadic during April, while Mexico has minimal activity. ~Ron Holle

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Specific --01 to 03 and 12 to 14 April: Thunderstorms linger over Hawaii. --13 to 14 April: Large strong system from Gulf of Mexico to Great Lakes, moving E to NE. Multiple weak to moderate tornadoes in Texas and to the east. --17 to 20 April: Large strong system extends from Central America across Yucatan Peninsula to Great Lakes and moves to U.S. east coast. --21 to 24 April: Cyclonic circulation east of Bermuda. ~Ron Holle

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