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Lightning Animations (492 videos)


--Most lightning is during the day. --The Andes provide a sharp western boundary in a generally NNW-SSE line. --No lightning occurs over the cold water offshore of the Andes. --Over interior regions of the Amazon basin, thunderstorms have generally slow movement toward the SW. --At higher latitudes, storms generally move from WSW to ENE at higher speeds than over the Amazon. --The equatorial trough is active early and late in the month when it becomes connected to Africa. --Throughout the entire month, well-organized lines and areas of thunderstorms move E from Argentina and Uruguay. This common feature occurs E of large land masses in the middle latitudes, in a similar manner to those observed in North America and Japan, although they tend to occur more often in colder months. --01 to 02 February: A small well-defined cluster of lightning forms over east-central Brazil and moves W. --11 to 12, and 22 February: Strong organized thunderstorm systems form along the Pacific coast of Argentina ~Ron Holle

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