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Lightning Animations (492 videos)


--Lightning activity over the U.S., Gulf of Mexico, Cuba, Mexico, and Central America is much sparser than during October. --Canada and Alaska have almost no lightning in November. --Most U.S. lightning is in the southeastern states in linear organization. --Several large organized cyclonic systems occur over the north Pacific and Gulf of Alaska. --The east-west aligned equatorial trough, the Intertropical Convergence Zone, is well defined over the Atlantic, and intermittent over the eastern North Pacific away from Central America. --01 to 03 November: Large squall line starts in Texas region, and moves southeast to Florida. --03 to 05 November: Hawaii has its largest lightning event of the month. --24 to 29 November: Synoptic-scale system with thunderstorms moves W to E in North Pacific, reaching British Columbia and the NW U.S. coastline where lightning ceases. --28 to 20 November: Large system of thunderstorms over Atlantic to the southeast of Canadian Maritime Provinces. ~Ron Holle

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