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Lightning Animations (492 videos)


--Numerous large organized thunderstorm lines and complexes form in the western U.S. and move generally eastward across the continent every few days. No large-scale cyclonic rotation is apparent within these lines. --Tornadic activity is mainly over the southern plains from Texas to Kansas during the month; largest outbreaks were on the 5th and 16th. --Flooding rains from Houston to Oklahoma result from multiple large storms crossing the region in the last half of the month. --A persistent cyclonic trough over the western U.S. results in afternoon thunderstorms through the month; every state west of the Continental Divide has several days of lightning. Lightning extends as far north as British Columbia. --Frequent lightning is over Panama, adjacent regions of Colombia, and offshore to the west, especially later in the month. --A broad equatorial trough is apparent in the Pacific Ocean north of the equator throughout the month. ~Ron Holle

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--07 to 10 May: Several curving lines of lightning are apparent from Tropical Storm Ana as it moved from offshore Florida to the Carolinas. --09 May: Frequent lightning along the Quebec-Ontario border. --05 May: Daily afternoon lightning begins over Cuba on the 5th, Hispaniola on the 10th, then later over Puerto Rico. --25 to 30 May: Storms originating over the southern plains dive SSE. --26 to 30 May: A cyclonic circulation is stationary for several days SE of Bermuda. ~Ron Holle

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