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Lightning Animations (492 videos)


--February is the last month of meteorological summer in the Southern Hemisphere, and winter in the Northern Hemisphere. --The major islands of SE Asia have thunderstorms nearly every afternoon due to sea breezes and along the slopes of mountain ranges. --Several areas of lightning over the higher latitudes, such as over Pakistan, India, and China, are moving steadily W to E. --Much of the lightning over Australia tends to be organized, mainly in the southeast and northwest. --Storms form daily over the Cape York Peninsula of Australia starting on the 21st. --11 to 13 February: Much of the month’s lightning over India occurs during this period. --14 to 20 February: Major cyclonic storms move W to E from southern Japan. --19 to 21, 24-26 February: Frequent lightning is on the S side of the Himalayas over India. --20 to 23 February: Strong lines of thunderstorms move SE to NW from the northern coast of Australia. ~Ron Holle

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