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Lightning Animations (492 videos)


--April is autumn in the Southern Hemisphere, and spring in the Northern Hemisphere. --Almost all of the lightning over Africa is south of 10 degrees North latitude. --Most lightning is during the day, and some moves W over the Atlantic Ocean in the evening. --Most of the continental activity moves from E or NE to W or SW. --Thunderstorm initiation occurs over Ethiopia on many days and moves W or SW across the continent. --Almost no lightning occurs over the Sahara, except along the Mediterranean coast. --The equatorial trough, also called the Intertropical Convergence Zone, is apparent in some form almost every day over the eastern Atlantic and Indian Oceans. ~Ron Holle

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--01 to 02 April: A well-organized storm moves from Nigeria to the WSW. --02 to 10 April: A continuous track of lightning can be followed from Spain on 01 April to Italy on the 6th to Iran on the 10th. --13 to 15, 26 to 28 April: Large storm complexes move SW to NE across Saudi Arabia. --19 to 21 April: Almost all of the Sahara strokes during the month are over Chad and Egypt on these days. --22 to 24 April: A strong complex moves E to W off India; thunderstorm activity then remains over the Indian Ocean for the rest of the month. --28 to 29 April: Frequent lightning activity along the coast of Yemen on the Red Sea ~Ron Holle

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