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Lightning Animations (492 videos)


--November is the last month of meteorological autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, and late spring in the Southern Hemisphere. --Most thunderstorms at higher latitudes are moving from W to E, while there is general motion from E to W near the equator. --Well-organized lines of lightning form over Australia, Madagascar, and southern Africa, and move ESE. --Sea-breeze thunderstorms form every day at some location over the NW coast of Australia. --The major islands of SE Asia have thunderstorms nearly every afternoon due to sea breezes and along the slopes of mountain ranges, then move W onto adjacent oceans in the evening. --New Zealand has infrequent lightning on many days of the month; some of it arrives from the W after forming over Australia, especially later in the month. ~Ron Holle

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--01 to 02 November: A strong thunderstorm moves E onto the ocean from eastern Australia, the first of several through the month. --14 to 16 and 20 to 24 November: Large thunderstorms form over central Saudi Arabia and move NE. ~Ron Holle

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