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Lightning Animations (492 videos)


--August is the latter part of the summer in the Northern Hemisphere. --Most thunderstorms at higher latitudes are moving from W to E, while there is mainly slower E to W motion near and north of the equator. --The progression of the sun from E to W can be seen as indicated by the latest hours in white. --Much of the August lightning is over land and during the day. --Some storms at higher latitudes travel a long distance, last a long time, and move very quickly. --Storms sometimes form against the south slope of the Himalayas. --Daily storms develop over the south and west coasts of Yemen and move west to mainland Africa, sometimes growing quickly over Ethiopia. ~Ron Holle

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--01-02 August: A large cyclonic circulation between Taiwan and Japan. --02 August: A small storm dives SSW from Pakistan. --04, 08, and 20 August: The farthest north lightning events of the month are north of Siberia. --05-07 August: A partially closed cyclonic circulation resulting in E to W motion of thunderstorms occurs over western Russia. --22 August: Large squall line moves WSW to ENE across Japan. --25 August: A vigorous storm moves S to N over NE Russia. ~Ron Holle

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