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--September is the first month of meteorological autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, and of meteorological spring in the Southern Hemisphere. --Note that by tracking the latest hours in white, the overhead sun can be seen to move E to W on a daily basis. --Thunderstorms travel W to E over the middle and higher latitudes in both hemispheres, and E to W in the tropics. --Much of the September lightning is over land and during the day. --The equatorial trough, also called the Intertropical Convergence Zone, is intermittently identifiable in the North Atlantic and Eastern Pacific Oceans. --Easterly (tropical) waves move E to W across Africa north of the Equator, and exit Senegal and Guinea almost every day. Some waves survive a short distance into the Atlantic, and a few such as on the 9th and 28th, make it part way across the Atlantic. None of them result in tropical cyclones during September. ~Ron Holle

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--Over the southern Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans, organized clusters of lightning move from the W, and some can be tracked for several days. --Well-organized areas of thunderstorms move eastward from the E coasts of large land masses in the middle latitudes of South Africa, Australia, and especially South America in September. --Storms often form during the day against the south slope of the Himalayas. --01-02 September: Far north lightning events are over notheasternmost Russia. --02-04 and 07-08 September: Large areas of frequent lightning, most likely from mesoscale convective systems, move ENE from the Argentina-Paraguay border. --05-07 September: A long line of thunderstorms extends from Oklahoma to Ontario, dissipates, then reforms the next day. --07-09, 16-18, and 23-25 September: Frequent lightning occurs over Spain and Portugal. ~Ron Holle

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(Cont) --13 September: A squall line moves off Mongolia to the east. --20-21 September: A small derecho begins in Alberta and races to the Great Lakes. --26 to 27 September: Major lightning outbreak along W coast of Norway does not move inland. --28 September: First storms after the summer months arrive in Israel, Syria, and the Middle East. --26-30 September: Deep monsoon moisture causes thunderstorm activity across all of the southwest U.S. ~Ron Holle

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