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Lightning Animations (492 videos)


--October is the middle month of meteorological autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, and the middle of spring in the Southern Hemisphere. --Most thunderstorms at higher latitudes are moving from W to E, while there is often slow motion from E to W near the equator. --The progression of the sun from E to W can be seen as indicated by the latest hours in white. --Storms sometimes form during the day against the south slope of the Himalayas. --Well-organized lines of lightning form over Australia, Madagascar, and southern Africa, and move ESE. --01-02 October: Large squall line moves ENE from Tasmania. --04 to 06 October: Thunderstorms move N to S from southern China. --09-11 October: Tropical cyclone Vongfong is evident in a semicircular pattern to the NW of Micronesia. --12-13 October: Tropical cyclone Hudhud crosses E to W from the Bay of Bengal onto India. --26 to 27 October: Storms move rapidly across western and southern Australia. ~Ron Holle

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