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Lightning Animations (492 videos)

Asia_Dec16_24hr [Combined]

--December is the first month of meteorological summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and of winter in the Southern Hemisphere. --Most thunderstorms at higher latitudes move from west to east, while they move from varying directions in tropical regions. --The major islands and land areas of tropical Southeast Asia have thunderstorms nearly every afternoon in sea breezes and along mountain slopes, but no persistent direction of motion. --Frequent systems move west to east over the Mediterranean Sea through the month. --Lightning is very frequent over Australia, southern Africa, and Madagascar in December. --Most lightning over Africa is south of the Equator during December. --The Indian subcontinent, China, and southern Red Sea have minimal lightning. --Lightning is present nearly every day over and near Japan throughout the month. ~Ron Holle

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--01 to 02, and 25 to 26 December: The largest and most organized thunderstorm complexes of the month move eastward from South Africa. --03 to 09, and 23 to 25 December: Organized lines of thunderstorms affect populous regions of southeast Australia. --24 to 26 December: Lightning in the eyewall of Supertyphoon Nock-Ten moves west across the Philippines. ~Ron Holle

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