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Lightning Animations (492 videos)


General --March is the first month of meteorological autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. --Over Brazil, thunderstorms form daily, then move from the E or NE. Individual storms do not travel far or survive into the next day. --The equatorial trough over the Atlantic is well defined and continuous between Ivory Coast and northeast Brazil; the trough is weak and often has a double structure over the eastern North Pacific. --The Andes define a sharp western boundary in a NNW-SSE line and no lightning occurs over the cold water offshore of the Andes. --Several large thunderstorms originate in central and northern Argentina. --There is much more lightning over the northeast region of Brazil than during many other months. Specific --04 and 08 March: Lightning forms over northern Argentina and moves east in lines and north in clusters. --09 March: Double equatorial trough is well defined in Pacific. --21-22 March: Thunderstorms move from S to N and clear much of South America of lightning. ~Ron Holle

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