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--March is the first month of meteorological spring in the Southern Hemisphere, and of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. --Most thunderstorms at higher latitudes move from west to east, while they move from varying directions in tropical regions. --The major islands and land areas of tropical Southeast Asia have thunderstorms nearly afternoon due to sea breezes and along mountain slopes. Sumatra is especially active throughout March. --The equatorial trough, also called the Intertropical Convergence Zone, is ill-defined during March over the Pacific and Indian Oceans. --Australia has thunderstorms every day that gradually reduce in frequency by the end of March. --India and China have frequent thunderstorms traveling from west to east throughout the month. ~Ron Holle

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--03 to 05, and 10 to 11 March: Long lines of thunderstorms extend from southeast Australia to the South Island of New Zealand. --17 to 24 March: Prolonged period of frequent lightning over southeast China. --28 to 30 March: Frequent lightning over Bangladesh and adjacent portions of northeast India. ~Ron Holle

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