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Lightning Animations (492 videos)


--May is the last month of meteorological autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. --Most lightning over land is during the day. --The Andes provide a sharp western boundary in a NNW-SSE line and no lightning occurs over the cold water offshore of the Andes. --The equatorial trough, also called the Intertropical Convergence Zone, is intermittent in an east-west alignment over the western Atlantic Ocean and better defined in the Eastern Pacific. --Daily thunderstorms over northern Brazil move from the east but individual storms do not travel far. --Thunderstorm activity over the southern half of Brazil and to the south is intermittent. --Late autumn storm are apparent moving west to east in the high latitudes of the South Atlantic and South Pacific Oceans away from the continent. ~Ron Holle

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--10 to 14 May: Thunderstorm complex over southern Pacific moves west to east and becomes the major storm over northern Argentina a few days later. --15 to 17 and 21 to 23 May: Strong storms over northern Argentina and Uruguay extend to the east over the Atlantic. ~Ron Holle

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