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Lightning Animations (492 videos)


General -- July lightning over the U.S. occurs in both large and small systems, clusters, and lines across all of the country. --Storms in the northern U.S. and Canada typically move eastward quickly. --The Southwest Monsoon is very active from Mexico northward to the Four Corners states. --Western Canada and Eastern Alaska have occasional strokes in July. --Central America, Cuba, Florida, the Gulf of Mexico, and Mexico have daily lightning during most of the month. --The east-west aligned equatorial trough, the Intertropical Convergence Zone, is weakly defined over the eastern North Pacific away from Central America. -- Hawaii has minimal lightning but there is intermittent activity in the region. Specific --02 to 06 July: Hurricane Fabio moves east to west south of Mexico’s west coast. --07 to 10 July: Thunderstorms form to lee of Canadian Rockies and travel to east coast. --21 to 22 July: Cluster of lightning moves north to south from Midwest to Gulf Coast. ~Ron Holle

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