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Lightning Animations (492 videos)


--May is the last month of meteorological autumn in the Southern Hemisphere, and of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. --Most thunderstorms at higher latitudes are moving from W to E, while there is weak motion near the equator. --The major islands of SE Asia have thunderstorms nearly every afternoon due to sea breezes and along the slopes of mountain ranges. --Lightning is on the S side of the Himalayas over India to some extent every day; storms often move toward the ESE. --01 to 15 May: Frequent lightning occurs over much of India. --05 to 08 May: Especially frequent lightning over Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam. --08 to 12 May: Two lines of thunderstorms, likely along frontal boundaries, move NW to SE across China. --12 to 15 May: A large area of thunderstorms forms over the ocean between Australia and New Zealand, and moves across the islands. --22 to 27 May: Two organized areas of lightning move SW to NE over the ocean south of Madagascar. ~Ron Holle

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