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Lightning Animations (492 videos)


Apr 1, 2014 Webmaster Archive

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General --March is late summer in the Southern Hemisphere. --Much of the lightning is during the day. --The major islands of SE Asia have thunderstorms nearly every afternoon. --On these islands, afternoon lightning forms due to sea breezes and along the slopes of mountain ranges. --The equatorial trough over the oceans is somewhat organized and has lightning activity both day and night. --In the tropics, thunderstorms are typically stationary or move slowly to the E, while they move more rapidly from W to E at higher latitudes. Specific --15 to 17 March: A strong line of storms moves SW to NE off the S coast of Australia and Tasmania. --29 to 31 March: A well-defined circulation is present along the N coast of Australia, probably of tropical origin. --New Zealand has most of its March activity on 01-03 and 24-25 March. ~Ron Holle

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