DNA – Faster, bolder and more straightforward communication with 1 600 employees

DNA is a leading Finnish telecommunications company with over 1 600 employees and approximately 4 million customers.

In recent years they have made significant changes to their organisational communication, as they had challenges reaching their employees in an efficient way. The core aim of DNA’s strategy was to provide a great place to work for their employees, and become one of the most desired employers in Finland. In 2018, DNA achieved major success in a survey by the Great Place To Work Institute, by coming 2nd in the Large Category.

DNA used to rely solely on their traditional intranet, which felt too formal and not dynamic enough. As people were becoming increasingly difficult to reach, consuming content in different ways than they used to, DNA needed to be one step ahead and look for new communication solutions.

After looking into different options, they chose Dream Broker Studio. The reason was because it was easy to use, allowing as many people as possible to create and share online videos, not requiring any prior experience. In other words, it was important that the threshold of creating videos would be as low as possible for their employees.

They quickly learned that online video is a unique and efficient means of communication. They were even able to utilise it beyond their initial use cases. Today, their communication unit encourages and supports other functions and departments to use online video in their communication. One example of this is their human resources unit, that has now also started using Dream Broker Studio.

“It is genuinely possible to save costs, when using video as a tool”.

Ultimately, DNA has already seen cost saving benefits from sharing popular training videos to all locations across units. Communications Director of DNA, Vilhelmiina Wahlbeck, adds: “It is genuinely possible to save costs, when using video as a tool”.


Vilhelmiina Wahlbeck Vice President, Corporate Communications DNA

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