Dream Broker Studio as part of JYSK’s communication strategy

JYSK is a global retail chain and aims to be the customers‘ first choice for all home and sleeping related products. After achieving a solid financial result and sales growth several years in a row, JYSK wanted to aim higher, and perform even better. To achieve this JYSK knew that they needed to do something differently compared to what they were used to doing. 

The challenge was how to communicate the new, ambitious targets to the whole organisation, and to more than 600 (as of 2017) employees all over the country, in a way that creates genuine enthusiasm, commitment and motivation among the staff.  

In the beginning, the solution was to utilise social media as a communication tool towards the whole organisation, but it was not until the launch of the Dream Broker Studio online video solution that JYSK was able to make the real breakthrough in successful communication.  

With Dream Broker mobile video solutions, anyone from country management, functional and district managers, or HR can easily create videos to be launched to targeted audience groups to the whole organisation.

JYSK staff members publish all their videos to their intranet, as well as through the internal Facebook site. With these channels they are able to reach 95% of the whole organisationanytime, anywhere, within just a few minutes from uploading the videos.  

Most of their communication and videos are simple, quick management updates on sales or other performance related issues but they also use videos to create buy-in among staff on strategic long-term goals and targets. In addition to these use cases, videos are used for communicating about easy-to-understand visual instructions to ensure full execution on all concepts and guidelines. Videos have also helped JYSK employees to eliminate long PowerPoint presentations and text documents, when communicating with stores.  

By videos, we have been able to create much more enthusiasm and an ambitious winning culture among the whole staff. We are also very pleased that with videos we are able to take the message unchanged from the top management to all the way to the store floor.

The most important features of Dream Broker Studio for JYSK have been the ability to follow up how many views their videos get and how long they have been watched. This has helped to ensure that the message goes through to the whole organisation.Velin states that videos will surely be an essential part of the communications for JYSK in the future as well.  

Ville Velin 
Country Manager (2017)



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