One Solution for Communication
and Leadership

Dream Broker #One

Dream Broker #One combines all communication means and channels seamlessly into one software.

Organise all video and audio meetings, phone calls, instant messages and all your needed documents with file sharing in a smart and cyber secure way.

The first all-in-one communication and leadership software from Europe.

Dream Broker #One UI


Video and Audio Calls and Messages

Dream Broker #One offers you multiple choices to connect with video‐first approach, while respecting all other important communication channels. #One allows you to switch smoothly between different means of communication, also from synchronous to asynchronous communication.

Make high-quality video and audio calls to one or multiple people using your computer or mobile device. When making a call is not an option, record a video or audio message – on the move or any time you like. If using the power of video or audio is not possible, you can use text messages with rich formatting.

Video Meetings and Conferences

As a leader, Dream Broker #One makes it easy for you to get your messages through to the entire organisation effectively, share information, increase transparency and at the same time enable the feeling of togetherness. Use #One to motivate your team members to work towards the common vision and achieve goals despite remote working, physical distancing, different locations, and different roles.

Schedule and invite groups or individual people, even outside your organisation, to participate in secure meetings where you can focus on real-time communication, share files and chat with the participants using instant messages.

With a clear view of previous, ongoing, and upcoming meetings, you can always revisit the meetings and stay on top of what was decided and agreed on. This enables your team to recall the assigned tasks and take action accordingly.

Rooms, Chats and File Sharing

Give your communication a subject to provide context. Dream Broker #One enables you to organise your communication in context-based rooms to help you focus and collaborate efficiently. Communicate, organise meetings, and share files securely and efficiently. List and download the file contents of individual rooms and chats. Notify recipients about urgent tasks and any updates to the materials.

When communication is contained in contextual rooms, it is easier for you to recover relevant communication and follow the tasks in progress. Find your communication history of instant messages, video and audio calls, meetings, files, and notes, conversations that took place and decisions made, all in one place.

Deadlines and Calendar

Dream Broker #One helps everyone manage themselves and their jobs by prioritising communication, offering all the relevant information on the daily activities and by reminding about upcoming deadlines. Your daily view keeps urgent rooms at the top of the list, highlighted according to the priority, and filters away non-prioritised communication.

You can view all your scheduled meetings and organise new ones with the calendar. Find your topical and urgent files and materials from one and the same place, and arrange your schedule based on the visibility of the ongoing tasks and meetings in your calendar. Manage yourself and your calendar all in one place.

One View and Dashboard

For staying up to date with your priorities, utilise #One View, where all relevant communication and deadlines are collected into one page. Communicate, view your calendar, and read urgent messages. This gives you a visual overview of the operations and which priorities your team members are focusing on. Dream Broker #One helps you connect with your teams and guide them to focus on the right priorities at the right time.

Completed and ongoing projects are clearly visible, and you know the reached targets and priorities in progress. With one communication and leadership solution, the business purpose and status are always visible and clear for the team.

Cyber Security and GDPR Compliance

Dream Broker #One is cyber secure by design. The system is hosted within the European Economic Area (EEA) in an audited and purpose-built private cloud infrastructure which is carefully monitored and maintained. All system infrastructure and hardware is completely owned by Dream Broker and is physically located in European Union. Video and audio calls are end-to-end encrypted, and all data is encrypted at rest in storage, enabling you to share confidential and sensitive information within your organisation as well as with your suppliers and partners.

Dream Broker #One meets and exceeds the requirements of the GDPR. A worry-free software built by a European company, where personal data processing has been considered from the ground up – confidentiality and privacy first in mind.

Benefits and Value

  • Ensure Cyber Security & Compliance

    Cyber Security and Compliance

    Protect your organisation from data leaks and security breaches with one unified communications solution

    Dream Broker #One enables your organisation to communicate and share your business critical and sensitive data with peace of mind. As our customer, you own and control your data. Your data is processed and stored in our private cloud infrastructure and servers, located within the European Economic Area (EEA). Our solution is annually technically tested and audited by independent cyber security partner, KPMG. #One guarantees the highest level of cyber security, information and data security and is compliant with GDPR.
  • Increase Productivity


    Prioritise your communication and get the work done

    Not all communication is equally important. With Dream Broker #One, your most relevant topics and tasks are highlighted so that they are followed up at the right time. #One recognises what is important to you based on your priorities, keeping your feed organised and you focused. #One provides all the tools for collaboration and efficient communication and is constantly developed further to respond to the needs of our users.

  • Reduce Costs


    Make communication effortless and save your time

    Save your time by avoiding unnecessary meetings or travel and focus on the communication that really matters. Unify all your communication, replacing numerous amounts of fragmented and overlapping solutions and services. Focus on your message and let the software take care of the rest.
  • Enhance Wellbeing

    Enhance wellbeing

    Enable flexibility and engage your organisation

    The video-first approach of Dream Broker #One enables meaningful communication and brings people together to foster a culture of mutual trust and commitment even if they are geographically scattered. #One helps you to avoid information overflow through prioritised communication resulting in improved wellbeing and work-life balance. #One allows you to embrace the transformation of work by providing flexibility to your organisation.
Cyber Security and Compliance
Enhance wellbeing

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A solution that always works. The highest quality standards for a seamless experience.



Purpose-built private cloud infrastructure ensuring the highest level of cyber security and privacy.

 Ease of use

Ease of use

Highly intuitive user experience. All important and prioritised communication in one view.

 Technical richness

Technical richness

The right features to unify business communication.