Enhance communications to build an open and transparent culture


Chemours is a global chemical company with 8 000 employees. Their goal is to build an open and transparent culture, that is valued by all our employees. The site, where Arthur Bernaerts works wants to become the best production site of Chemours. The challenge is how to reach 500 employees that are working in shifts.


Dream Broker Studio Mobile application has helped Chemours in realising opportunities. Videos have enhanced their engagement and help them with communicating about changes in the organisation. Furthermore, they helped their employeees to understand why they do the things they do and helped the company to move further towards its goals. HR, Management Communications and IT departments already use Dream Broker Studio – for example for video explanations and tutorials for systems and tools.

Recent example of success is to drive participation for their yearly Organisation Health Survey using video, instantly showing results.

Chemours appreciates Dream Broker Studio software, that enables them to create, edit, manage, share and analyse videos. They also appreciate the step-by-step help in the implementation, to ensure that the investment made is heading towards a success.


Chemours has a long term plan with Dream Broker Studio. They will expand the use to Works Council, enabling managers to create videos for safety, employee communication and other best practices. Next phase after that will involve all employees, and enable video creation for all of them

“For us, video communication is a great way to maximise connections and trust between our people.” – Arthur Bernaerts, HR Business Partner.

Arthur Bernaerts
HR Business Partner
Chemours Netherlands B.V.