Improved Customer Experience With On-Demand Videos

Providing your customers with videos about setting up and maintaining your products and services leads to happier customers.

Vallox is a Finnish producer of ventilation equipment and Dream Broker’s long-term customer. They wanted to improve customer service and offer more efficient customer support.

Their self-produced videos about equipment setup and software maintenance helped service agents to streamline their FAQ flow by providing detailed and visual solutions to most commonly asked questions.

You can begin to improve your customer experience by integrating on-demand videos to the following business processes:

  • Instructional product videos – Provide informative videos on the setup and maintenance of physical equipment
  • Step-by-step video guides –  Screen recording walk-throughs aid customers during software setup
  • Scalable customer support –  With the help of videos your customer service employees can serve clients more efficiently
  • Personalised customer service – Stay connected and offer help in a more personalised way to both your existing and potential customers

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