Communicating Confidential Information for Remote Workforce

Borenius is one of the leading law firms in Finland with 5 offices in 4 countries, in Finland but also in London, New York and St. Petersburg. Their over 200 employees provide high-end legal services to corporate clients all over the world.

As attorney work in general is not tied to any specific location, their employees enjoy working and giving advice from anywhere, no matter if they are at a client’s office, a courtroom or an airport. Which is why Borenius likes working with modern solutions that support their business needs wherever they are.

“We are not looking only for desktop solutions but also mobile platforms like Dream Broker Studio is.”

When sharing information knowledge with video, the video can be preserved in video libraries where its content can be made available for different audiences.

Dream Broker Studio makes it easy to create relevant content in video format and choose the audience who you want to direct the message to. There you can have different kinds of content, for example internal trainings or external messages. But you can also build your own video libraries for specific topics.

“It’s very vital to us to keep the confidential information as confidential and separate internal and external audiences from each other.”

Privacy and data security is essential for attorney work. With Dream Broker Studios’ channel functionality, Borenius can limit and select the right audience, enabling them to easily segment their information.

Niko Jakobsson
General Counsel

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