We help you use online video throughout your organisation


Share best practices. Train sales staff and support global partners like never before. Delight your customers by providing video-based user support. Boost your sales with persuasive and informative video offers.


Implement strategy at all levels of the organisation. Bring in a fresh and engaging touch to corporate communications. Crystallise and unify the marketing message. Reach large and remote audiences with personal video messages.


Onboard new employees faster and train existing ones. Reinforce the employer brand and let your employees tell their stories. Build a culture of sharing know-how by video. Reach and teach your employees anywhere.


Deploy and train new software faster, with lower costs. Unify the use of critical systems and enforce correct practices. Minimise helpdesk workload with ready-made videos and make videos quickly whenever needed.

Proven concept to ensure success with online video

Give your video strategy a head start. In cooperation with Dream Broker experts you will develop a concrete roadmap, create the first videos, explore tips and tricks and become a pioneer in online video use. We are praised for actively helping our customers realise the full potential and benefits of online video.


In the initial phase we help our customers plan their own online video revolution by identifying which are the most relevant business cases for video: Who or which units would create the first videos? What is the needed level of security for video sharing? Together, we will set attainable targets for video use.


Our software is easy to use and with the help of our tutorial videos, quick to master. We work together with our customers to ensure video is used to its full potential – making everyday subjects, such as IT instructions look engaging and interesting, maximizing the impact.


We are known to be always available for support whether it’s our helpdesk answering technical questions or the named Account Executive mentoring the users and sharing best practices. We help our customers succeed using our solution and together with you, plan ahead for the future.


We arrange review meetings annually at a minimum with every customer to make sure the goals are met. Together we set new targets for spreading video use to other departments and decide how to further boost the benefits of using online video.