Communicating effectively and keeping employees connected at Mehiläinen

Mehiläinen is Finland’s largest private-public provider of high-quality and comprehensive social and healthcare services. Established since 1909, they currently serve over 2.1 million customers annually, in more than 800 locations internationally.

Being the fastest growing, digital healthcare company from Finland, Mehiläinen constantly invests in the possibilities of digitalisation, to improve their operational effectiveness and quality of care.

In 2017, Mehiläinen made videos an integral part of their daily internal communication by using Dream Broker Studio. The collaboration first started with a few pilot users for Studio, which has increased over the past few years. Now, there are active users in almost every function of the organisation’s business.

Since many functions of Mehiläinen operate in different locations and shifts round the clock, it can be challenging to keep employees connected and communicating effectively. As a result, the company’s primary use case for Dream Broker Studio is to make videos for internal communication. Employees can access the videos they need anytime, anywhere.

These videos complement internal processes such as, communication between management and supervisors, supporting employee orientation, and employee training. For example, in Mehiläinen’s at-home services, employees work remotely at customers’ homes. Through Dream Broker Studio, there is now an effective way to communicate between supervisors and employees. In other functions such as occupational health services, videos made with Studio have also been used for customer communication.

“It is of the utmost importance that we are able to ensure a timely flow of information to our employees, so that everyone can perform their work tasks with up-to-date information, and offer quality service to our customers. We actively communicate with our employees through internal communication channels.”

Tiina Kohonen, Communications Manager

With Studio, employees can independently make videos in line with Mehiläinen’s brand elements and guidelines. Users found Studio’s editing feature intuitive and easy to use, and videos can be published to various internal channels effortlessly. They also found it to be a very good feature when videos can be updated in real time if any content changes.

Customer and patient safety is the cornerstone of Mehiläinen’s operations and activities. The security of operations and quality of services are regularly monitored in Mehiläinen, while communication processes are also constantly improved to meet the needs of employees in a changing world. In collaboration with Dream Broker, Mehiläinen regularly organises training and inquiry sessions for their employees to maximise the full capabilities of using Studio. The usage of videos for internal communication have also received positive feedback from employees.

The role of videos in internal communication has grown a lot in Mehiläinen over the past few years and looks set to continue. Thus far, the company has made over 3000 videos and received over 300,000 views.

“With the help of Dream Broker Studio, our internal users know how to independently make videos in line with Mehiläinen’s brand. Using Dream Broker Studio’s editing tool is easy for every user to learn, and it is easy to publish videos to different channels.”

Heidi Koponen, HR Specialist

Tiina Kohonen
Communications Manager

Heidi Koponen
HR Specialist


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