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Using Online Video to engage staff and share best practices

VR Track is Finland’s biggest rail constructor as well as one of the largest infrastructure sector construction companies and engineering offices. The company’s services cover the whole infrastructure of the project life cycle: design, construction and maintenance. They are also a major supplier of railway materials. In addition to Finland, VR Track also operates in Sweden and Estonia.


VR Track was looking for a solution that would enable them to better reach their employees working on the train tracks, to bring more scalability to employee trainings and to provide a richer, faster way to connect with their workforce. With over 1500 employees working on the rail tracks and other construction sites, VR Track realised they needed something more robust and versatile than the communication tools they currently utilised.

VR Track also noticed that there was a large variance in how employees conducted the same task from location to location. VR Track was looking for a better way to enable employees to share the best practises in different tasks and for management to be able to maintain higher quality assurance.


Online video is an ‘anywhere, anytime communication tool’, a perfect fit for workers who operate in hard to reach remote locations. With Dream Broker’s help VR Track had a means to not only reach their fragmented employees across the rail network but also to communicate with them by sending content rich and easy online video messages to their smartphones and tablets. Dream Broker’s mobile application also sends a push notification to the workers’ smartphone or tablet whenever a video has been sent to them.

Online video is flexible and adaptable with many application areas. VR Track experienced this first hand having already used Dream Broker’s software in Management Communications and IT-related training. It was a natural step to employ the same software to resolve additional communication challenges in other areas of the business. Especially when the solution is easily scalable and quick to use.

When it came to increased quality assurance, VR Track realised they could utilise online video further by enabling their workers and supervisors to create videos with their smartphones and to share them remotely. VR Track could now receive video of processes and work being carried out in the field, which could then be easily monitored and reviewed.


VR Track understood that employee engagement was essential for this new method of communication to succeed. They decided to use the software itself to promote its benefits. They launched a campaign where they created and shared videos showing machinery being repaired. They encouraged their employees to create video suggestions with their mobile devices on how to improve these repairs and publish them on a specially created video channel. The results were surprising; their employees actively participated with many submissions entered. The Management were also impressed by the quality of the videos created as they were nicely edited and with music, photos and text added to them.

The online video campaign created excitement around the use of video and helped to engage the remotely working employees. The personnel at VR Track were also surprised by the easiness of gathering knowledge from the field using online video. That same knowledge and video material could then be used to share best practices to all staff wherever they are. The staff members also felt more motivated, as they were actively taking part in improving the day to day processes. With online video they had experienced motivated two-way communication and knowledge sharing, where the results were measurable and valuable.

The benefits that online video brought were clear to VR Track which is why they are continuing to pilot the use of online video in also other areas of the organisation.

”In 2013 we started creating and sharing videos using Dream Broker’s mobile application and we reached a whole new level in our communication. The employees can now report straight from the field with video using their smartphones. This is a lot more informative than email or SMS.”