Using Dream Broker Studio for communication and training has helped to revolutionize the way Kamstrup works and learns

Kamstrup is a world-leading supplier of intelligent energy and water metering solutions, especially focused on reducing waste of energy and water. In 2015, Kamstrup won the biggest smart metering project in Kamstrup’s history, competing with over 30 international corporations. In order to fulfill the goals of this large-scale project, Kamstrup needed a fast and easy-to-use solution for all project related communication, leadership and training. Video was a natural choice for these requirements and Dream Broker Studio became the chosen instrument.

Kamstrup’s employees often work remotely from multiple locations and cannot rely on long, written instructions, as they are often on the go. With Dream Broker Studio, they were able to reach their 150 field electricians working in the homes of the customers. For example, videos were integrated to the workers’ initial on-site training. Instructional videos improved the understanding of important messages. As Jana Novak Bro mentions, “Most people understand the visual information better than written instructions”. As a result, the usage of videos for effective training not only saved time but reduced mistakes and safety risks.

“Most people understand the visual information better than written instructions”

The collaboration with Dream Broker has changed the daily processes of communicating, working and learning at Kamstrup. By supplementing written installation manuals with Dream Broker Studio videos, Kamstrup has even been able to improve change communication. When procedures change, Kamstrup found it easy to quickly reach and communicate the change to employees, wherever they were located. A simple human error of meters being labelled incorrectly, for example, can have a big impact on the progress of the entire project. In these types of situations, Kamstrup was able to get the message out to the right employees in a scalable way, and thus, avoiding further delays to the project.

“Being able to add videos to the written installation manuals, has helped us to revolutionize the way we work and learn”.

For Kamstrup, online video has proven to be a great way to disseminate crucial information and create proximity across distances. According to the Communication Manager, there is also great potential in the future for utilizing Dream Broker Studio, in areas such as internal training and better support with Kamstrup’s databases. In conclusion, using Dream Broker Studio in a project like changing 1 million electricity meters, has given Kamstrup quite the head-start in their journey towards revolutionizing communication.

Jana Novak Bro
Communications Manager, Products