Dream Broker Studio (“Software”) is intended to be used by organisations licensing the Software by virtue of a separate Software Service Agreement (“Agreement”). The Software and any programs, products, services or associated materials delivered to the organisations in order to expand or facilitate the use of the Software (“Software Add-On(s)”) are administered to You by Your organization. Your organisation acts as the data controller and Dream Broker as the data processor of Your personal data in the Software.As the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) has entered into force, we thought that it might be helpful for You, as a user of our Software, that we give You some information on how and what kind of personal data the Software processes, how this personal data is secured as well as how to find out more information about Your rights under the GDPR.

Regular Sources of Personal Data and Categories of Personal Data

Dream Broker acts as the data processor of the personal data based on the Agreement and a separate Data Processing Agreement (“DPA”) between Dream Broker and Your organization. Based on the DPA Dream Broker is provided with personal data in the following ways:

Information from Your organization

Your organisation typically provides personal data in order to establish Your user license (i.e. account) such as:

  • Contact information (e.g. name, email address, title and user group)

Information from You

You may provide additional account and role preferences (e.g. acceptance of third party terms and conditions and activities in the Software) such as:

  • Contact information (e.g. language preferences and phone number)
  • Account and role preferences (e.g. acceptance of third party terms and conditions and activities in the Software)
  • Any personal data in the media content imported or created by You

Information from Your use

The Software collects information upon Your activities and usage such as:

  • Activity and access logs (e.g. how and when have You logged in to the Software, what content have You created and published there and how You have reacted to others’ content)

Processing operations

What Your organisation sees?

The personal data provided to Dream Broker by Your organisation, You or deriving from Your use is processed on behalf of Your organisation subject to the DPA and for the purpose of providing the Software. To access the Software, You are using an email address provided by Your organization.

As a license holder, Your organisation may:

  • control and administer Your Software account and Your contact and profile information associated to the account; and
  • access and process certain data, such as:
    • Log-in information (e.g. when and with which application You have logged in to the Software)
    • Activity logs (e.g. numbers and times of content You have created, published, viewed or reacted to)

Also, when You use certain features of the Software, other users in Your organisation’s license may see some of Your activity (e.g. that You have reacted to their content).

What Dream Broker processes?

Your organisation owns the data provided to the Software. Dream Broker uses the personal data solely to provide the Software we have agreed upon with Your organisation, and for purposes that are compatible with providing the Software including day-to-day operations and the following:

  • Account management (e.g. updating and changing email addresses and user names)
  • Content management (e.g. changing the names of videos)
  • Content processing (e.g. video editing and hosting)
  • Content sharing (e.g. sharing links and video embedding)
  • Notifications (e.g. important product information sharing and mobile notifications of new content published in a video channel followed by You)
  • Analytics and statistics (e.g. user activity levels).

Dream Broker does not use Your personal data stored in the Software for general marketing purposes, for profiling You or for selling Your personal data to third parties.

General Description of Dream Broker Information and Data Protection Principles

The information and data security of personal data processing and confidentiality, integrity and usability are top priorities for Dream Broker. They are ensured with appropriate technical and administrative measures in accordance with Dream Broker’s security principles.

Personal data is processed only on need to know basis and under confidentiality obligation.

Your data is safe with Dream Broker. Dream Broker does not share user information with third parties, such as advertisers. You decide how You share and use the data according to Your organisation’s policies.

Data Retention

Dream Broker has committed contractually to specific processes when a customer – such as Your organisation – stops using the Software or the subscription expires. This includes deleting customer data from systems under our control. You can be sure that Your personal data is collected, processed, stored and eventually deleted according to the DPA and GDPR and following high level of care and diligence.

Transfer of personal data

To ensure the safety of Your personal data, Dream Broker does not transfer personal data outside the European Economic Area or enable access to such personal data within European Economic Area from outside without Your organisation approving and controlling it.

Your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation

It is good to acknowledge that under the General Data Protection Regulation You have certain rights as a data subject. In order to find out more about these rights, we encourage You to discuss these with Your organisation.

Please note that the content in the Software is not necessarily considered as personal data but may rather be subject to for example intellectual property right (IPR) clauses between You and Your organisation i.e. by default the content You create with the Software is owned and controlled by Your organisation.

Privacy Policies of Your Organisation

Kindly note that the use of the Software by You is subject to Your organisation’s policies. Thus, we encourage You to direct Your privacy enquiries to Your administrator. The administrator may see some of Your activities as specified before. Dream Broker is not responsible for the privacy and security practices of Your organisation, which may differ from those set forth in this Privacy Notice.

Should you have any questions concerning processing of personal data by Your organisation, please contact the person in charge for Your organisation’s data processing matters.

Changes to Privacy Notice

Dream Broker may change or update this Privacy Notice at any time. Thus, we recommend that You familiarize yourself with the Privacy Notice from time to time.

Contact Dream Broker

Questions regarding Dream Broker’s Privacy Notice should be directed here:

Headquarters: Dream Broker Ltd. (Business ID 2092227-2)

Energiakuja 3, FI-00180 Helsinki, Finland


Tel. +358 10 232 7771

E-mail: gdpr@dreambroker.com

Please note that the information provided herein does not apply to Software Add-Ons. For example if You use a Software Add-on that utilises some third-party service, and You decide to transfer content outside the Software, the privacy policies of such third-party service may be applied.