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Alko Staff and Management Highly Praise New Innovative Online Video-Based Instructions and Internal Communication

Alko is an independent company wholly-owned by the government, which is exclusively responsible for the retail sales of beverages containing over 4.7% alcohol in Finland. Alko’s focus is on the responsible sale of alcohol, high-quality customer service and proven-to-be-safe alcohol products.


One of Alko’s most important cornerstones is its high-quality customer service. The chain has approximately 350 branches across Finland, which makes communicating the same message to everyone challenging. An organizational culture that supports the mission and goals of the company requires an active role from internal communication when managing changes and inducting new employees. The biggest and most crucial challenge to internal communication is the ability to reach out to all of Alko’s branches simultaneously, in a fast yet clear way. It is evident that new communication channels as well as ways to communicate are needed.


Online videos are a practical and rapid way of communication for both the new and existing processes. With the help of online videos, information is available to everyone at the same time whenever and wherever required –‘on-demand’. Furthermore, online videos have been part of Alko’s system upgrades and the development of new systems and internal communication. The goal has been to enhance customer service and accelerate internal induction processes. Alko’s internal communication is able to quickly and clearly demonstrate different working policies and applications as well as simultaneously inform the whole staff about issues concerning everyone. To summarize, especially created and shared online video-based instructions and internal communication have proven to be effective in the most relevant application areas for Alko.


During the first year online videos have been used in a variety of departments from finance to IT and from communications to training. Online videos have rapidly spread around Finland and successfully rejuvenated internal communication. In particular the various instructional videos, such as the video on how to assemble the ‘taste type pennants’, have been thanked and praised as a friendly, informal, clear and pleasant change to the more common, plain instructions.

Moreover, these concise and descriptive videos have directly saved employee resources by minimizing misunderstandings and mistakes through online video instructions that can be viewed at any place, any time and with any device.

Customer Comment

“The online videos powered by Dream Broker’s online video software are an excellent addition to Alko’s internal communication. With the help of online videos, the defined target groups have been able to utilize the information much more cost-efficiently. Depending on the situation, we can share the information with everyone at the same time or, alternatively, the recipient can retrieve the information at the moment best suitable for him or her. What is more, everyone can revise the material whenever the information is needed.”

-Tina Lassi, Communication Manager