Cyber Secure Video Communication builds trust, reach and impact at Visma

Visma helps public and private companies to develop, modernise and maintain their IT solutions. Dream Broker Studio helps Visma to build trust, get the message through and reach a broader audience in a cyber secure way. They have more than 100 offices in 14 countries and more than 700 customers.

Visma handles sensitive customer data and cyber security is important in their customer communication. They chose Dream Broker Studio because it can deliver high level of cyber security. Their employees often work closely with their customers on-site. It also means the company needs to communicate with them from a distance. Visma believes that video unifies the company and is a perfect way of storytelling and content marketing.

Visma has witnessed direct improvements in their recruitment activities after introducing video:

“Using video as part of the recruitment campaigns, I’ve actually been able to increase our applicants, getting double as many applicants as last year.” – Karin Zimmermann, HR Business Partner.

Video has given them improvements when promoting new features for their products:

“We see increase in our email open rates as well as click through rates, so that means that people are interacting with video communication in much more efficient way than just written text.”  – Minella Haugaard, Digital Marketing Manager

Through Dream Broker Studio statistics, Visma is able to see the performance of the video every single time and they are able to improve and make their videos better. Digital Marketing Manager at Visma, Minella Haugaard, adds: “(Video) is the future and it’s everyones’s business. Communication is everyone’s business.”