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Eltel Trained Its Entire Personnel to Use Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 with Video Instructions

Eltel Networks provide leading solutions for power transmission and distribution networks, fixed and mobile telecommunications, and rail and road infrastructures.

Eltel Networks has over 8,000 employees. Today, Eltel has permanent establishments in the Nordic and Baltic countries, Poland, Germany and the UK. Eltel’s goal is to become the leading Infranet company in Europe.

Business Challenge – Deploying Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 Intranet

Eltel Networks renewed its intranet platform to Microsoft Sharepoint 2010. The new intranet is used in all Eltel’s locations with localized content and a dedicated site for headquarters communication. The new intranet not only contains information that is related to the business and useful to the personnel, but also integrates an online collaboration platform for team working through cross border interaction.

The primary target was to train cross functional communication teams to use Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 in order to get the new intranet deployed as fast as possible. The communication teams handle the content in the intranet and are located in eight countries. In addition, the communications teams are responsible for the localized content of the intranet following Eltel’s graphical guidelines.


To train the communications teams to use Microsoft Sharepoint 2010, Eltel made short and informative videos [watch an example video here]. Usually the videos were maximum 5 minutes long and were made to train the teams on utilizing the system for adding content and managing the news center and workspaces. Training videos included configuring sites, setting the language, adaptation of content to country needs, among the most relevant subjects.

Making the videos was so easy that Eltel Networks decided to also train other parts of its personnel to use the new intranet. Additional videos were made on generic topics: how the intranet is working, how to use basic functionalities, how workspaces can be personalized, and how to change user settings.

In addition, videos were used to launch the new intranet. The main page contained a welcoming video with a message from the CEO of Eltel Networks. The CEO presented goals for the intranet and all employees got the message that the intranet is in place and supported by the management.

As an alternative to frequently asked questions (FAQ) section, Eltel Networks created a video library where all the videos were displayed and made accessible to the intranet users. All received questions related to the intranet functionality were answered via videos and these also served for training purposes. The videos were put in a consecutive order, so that these formed a chronological learning path.

Customer Benefits

The videos needed to be produced to a tight schedule because the system needed to be ready before any instructions could be made and the actual launch of the intranet was right after the intranet was finalized. With Dream Broker’s solution the instructions could be made in a short period and all the videos were produced in less than two weeks.

The communication teams could be trained at the same period of time at all countries where Eltel has permanent establishments, although the schedules were strict.

The videos made it possible to describe the processes as a whole. Instead of making a video just about the technicalities of publishing content on the intranet, more videos were created illustrating the full functionality of the system and how to get the best use of it, not just for the communications team but also, more importantly, for the end user.

All in all, the richness of content increases the usage level of the intranet. Videos are a really good tool for making the content more vivid. When videos are embedded to the intranet pages, the employees spend more time on the intranet and use it more actively.

Customer Comment

“The videos were so effective that we decided to use them to train the entire personnel instead of only training the communications specialists.”

– Carlos Canto, Development Manager Eltel Networks