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Envirotainer uses online videos to ensure the quality of active cold chain management process

Envirotainer is a global market leading provider of an air cargo cold chain transportation concept to pharmaceutical companies and their logistics partners. Envirotainer is unique and the benchmark for global air cargo cold chain management and logistics solutions. Their containers and process management systems ensure that temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals travel safely and in the right conditions from the factories across the world to the people who need them.

Business Challenge

Envirotainer provides its customers in the pharmaceutical and health care industries with complete services for active cold chain management. Partnering with airlines and freight companies is a key component of the complex service. Head of Marketing Hanna Sigge explains; “To build the container is not difficult. To make sure that the analyzing and data collection works is not that difficult either. The challenge lies in the global delivery network. The process has to work 100% every time, because the goods inside the container impact the quality of life for people everywhere.”

Envirotainer trains and educates their partners on all the steps in the process of shipping temperature-sensitive air cargo via active containers – starting from the healthcare company employees who load the containers, to the airport personnel loading them on and off the plane, to the truck drivers working for the forwarder, who deliver the goods to the end locations. Training globally dispersed partners with different cultural and linguistic backgrounds presents many challenges that online video can solve.


Dream Broker video solution was originally acquired for Envirotainer’s internal communication purposes. Soon they discovered more application areas also in external communication and training. After the initial training session with Dream Broker’s representative, the cold chain consulting team produced its first video about the preconditioning and loading of a container.  This video, filmed on an iPhone and edited with the Dream Broker Studio editor, was intended only as a test video, but, extremely satisfied with the end result, Envirotainer is now going to use it instead for customer communication. More videos have since been produced in different departments, for different purposes, and Envirotainer is turning into an organization that looks to online videos to enhance all its communication and training.


With Dream Broker’s online video solution, Envirotainer is able to efficiently reach their global customers and partners. Online video communication and training is guaranteeing knowledge transfer of the complex process from the laboratory in Sweden to the forklift driver in Bangalore, India, despite the cultural or linguistic barriers. This is crucial for Envirotainer because they ensure that the pharmaceuticals, which are more valuable to people than any price that can be put on them, are delivered. So that people can live their lives to the full.

Customer comment

“It’s important that our partners know how they need to act if there is a light blinking on the container, and we need to make sure they have instruction they can quickly and easily understand. That’s why video is so much better than writing a text document. And the Dream Broker solution is easy to use – that’s crystal clear.”