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LeanLinking wishes a broader and more user friendly customer support through the use of tutorial videos

LeanLinking was established in February 2013. The LeanLinking team wants to help companies change the way they cooperate and end silo thinking internally and between companies. LeanLinking want to change and build a more valuable co-operation of all parties in the supply chain by developing practical and powerful online tools.

LeanLinking are practitioners and want their solutions to be practical as well as simple and easy to use. Customers are busy people and dislike vast IT projects which is why they offer solutions that bring instant value. No costly IT projects and no proof of concept tests.

Business Challenge

LeanLinking employs 10 people and want to be able to provide a varied support and assistance to their customers. As it is now, LeanLinking has a help desk where customers can call in with questions. LeanLinking wants to take a step further being able to provide support at various levels so that the answers can be found in various places depending on the issues and complexity.


LeanLinking wishes a broader and more user friendly customer support and see more opportunities in the use of tutorial videos. In addition to that, they see product demos for new customers as an important consideration in the long term.


Better and more informative communication with the use of Dream Broker Studio.

Having the ability to provide customer support at several levels, depending on complexity and needs. The customer can even search and find an answer, but still have access to telephone support if desired.

A HelpDesk can be resource-intensive, but using easy how-to videos reduces pressure – to both the customer and LeanLinking’s advantage.

Customer Comment

“We have been very pleased with Dream Broker’s solution and the support Dream Broker has delivered in connection with the implementation of the solution.”