Pågen Uses Online Video to Reach and Connect with 1400 Employees Spread Across the Nordics

Pågen is the leading bakery company in Sweden and one of Sweden’s leading food exporters. Pågen employs 1 400 people, most of whom work at bakeries in Malmö and Göteborg. The product range includes various kinds of bread, toasts, pastries and cookies.

“It is really easy to learn. You get another dimension of learning with online video.”
~ Maria Lindén, HR Business Partner, Pågen.

Business Challenge

Pågen’s aim is to be the most social bread company in the industry. They were looking for a communications solution that would reach and connect 1400 employees spread across the Nordics as well as enable better management communication, reporting, employee onboarding and training. There initial priority was to organise and improve their onboarding program with a view to making it more appealing, engaging and personable.

“Working with online video is a quick and efficient way of communicating with people. As Pågen aims to be the most social bread company it is a natural fit to work with video.”
~ Petra Öhlin Lindeheim, Communications Specialist, Pågen.


Pågen began working with online video and Dream Broker in 2014. Initially Pågen’s communications department was responsible for their online video content but this soon expanded to a cross-functional team of video creators and editors from around the organisation, including bakers, sales, HR, IT, finance and key management personnel.

With the help of Dream Broker Studio, they produce a range of video content that touches all parts of the organisation from video messages by the CEO to everyday communications – for example, reporting and maintenance to training new and existing staff. This video content is organised and managed through customised video channels which can be accessed by employees no matter their location.

Pågen also embraced Dream Broker’s mobile application as it meant they could source video from any location without specialist recording equipment. Anyone with a smart phone in the organisation could potentially be a video contributor.

“It is an efficient way to get information out into the organisation. The recipient can watch the video as many times as needed and actually see how something is meant to be done.”
~ Caterina Flenhagen, Chief Accountant, Pågen.


Thanks to Pågen’s new strategic approach to social communication, online video has rapidly spread across different departments and the group as a whole. Pågen has been creating instructional videos, maintenance routines on video and management communication as well as introduction videos for new employees – embodied in its new onboarding channel “New at Pågen”.

“New at Pågen” is a customised internal onboarding channel where videos are collected that are crucial or interesting for employees who are just about to start working at Pågen or have recently started. This includes a welcome greeting from the CEO and the company presentation as a screen recording. This is a concrete example of where video has had an immediate impact on Pågen’s onboarding process. Not only does it help to align onboarding and training throughout the company but it promotes a more personable social image of an integrated business.

Video has become a natural communications solution for Pågen. Through video they have created a more connected working culture. The rapid spread of video creators, editors and viewers provides a good measurement of the value of online video as well as the positive feedback received overall.

“Dream Broker has helped Pågen to develop one winning team.”
~ Petra Öhlin Lindeheim, Communications Specialist, Pågen.