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Roadscanners Uses Online Videos for Customer Instructions

Roadscanners is a consulting company specialized in developing tools and services for traffic infrastructure condition monitoring and management. Roadscanners’ main office is located in Rovaniemi, Finland. Currently, the group also has two subsidiaries, Roadscanners Sweden AB, located in Borlänge, Sweden and Roadscanners Central Europe s.r.o, located in Prague, Czech Republic.

Roadscanners works globally in all of its product fields which are consulting, software and instruments. The main focus of the company’s activities has been  structural and functional condition monitoring and analysis of roads, streets, bridges, airports and railways.


Roadscanners collects an enormous amount of data when they scan and monitor roads. In Roadscanners’ software, all of this data is processed and combined into easily readable views. Roadscanners wanted to make it easier to start using the software and therefore broad video guides were needed.

Roadscanners also wanted to find a tool that could be used to respond to customers’ questions. When a customer asks if it is possible to perform certain operations, Roadscanners wanted to demonstrate how it could be done.


Roadscanners decided to utilize Dream Broker’s software and online videos for customer instructions. Through screen recordings Roadscanners was able to demonstrate the software as it is and a wide range of videos were made.

Roadscanners has also made instructional videos on various pieces of software used internally, such as how to review work time in ERP or how to use the travel reservation software.

Customer benefit

Roadscanners has been able to improve its product marketing through online videos. The product marketing is more effective when customers can actually see what can be done with the software. This approach has also promoted sales.

With instructional videos Roadscanners has provided better and more dynamic customer service. Service times have decreased because it is faster to show complex operations in the software with video than to write all the phases into an email.

Roadscanners has especially found the Dream Broker Channels highly useful. With the help of channels Roadscanners’ customers can solve problems by themselves as they have access to all of the instructional videos at the same time. Channels that gather all the videos together have also helped Roadscanners to share information within the organization more effectively.

Customer Comment

”It’s fast and fun to do screen recordings. With the help of online videos we have been able to improve customer satisfaction and promote our sales.”