Lapinlahti Foundation successfully launched


“The Lapinlahti Foundation was launched at a support concert held in Tavastia at the end of April. All proceeds of the concert went directly to the activities of the foundation that promotes mental health and represents the cultural community of Lapinlahti.”

– Töölöläinen newspaper, Sunday, 7th of May

Dream Broker is proud of the successful concert and the launch of the Lapinlahti Foundation. The company would like to thank everyone who participated and supported the event.

As one of the members in the foundation, Dream Broker believes it is important to promote visibility of the cause to preserve the cultural and historical importance of Lapinlahti. The company aims to protect one of the world’s oldest hospitals, and at the same time promote mental health work in support of the company’s values.

“All funds raised from the support concert went directly to the foundation, but credit for organising the concert goes to the operators of the Lapinlahti area, whose management team includes the area’s current tenants. They wanted to donate all proceeds of the concert to the foundation to create opportunities, continue activities, and be a viable alternative to the city of Helsinki.”

– Mika Ahokas, CEO, Dream Broker

Dream Broker will also be a key financier of the Lapinlahti Foundation and project. The company is committed to match the financial investments of the other members of the foundation combined. There are a total of six founders in the Lapinlahti Foundation, which includes Ahokas, and all have equal voting rights.

The Lapinlahti Hospital also served as a specialist training hospital for psychiatry in Finland between 1960 to 1990. One of these doctors who was trained at Lapinlahti Hospital, Hannu Naukkarinen, currently works as an advisor for Dream Broker.

Full article featured in local Helsinki newspaper Töölöläinen(in Finnish):

The same article will be published on Friday, 19th of May, in the Kamppi-Eira local newspaper.

Local newspapers in Helsinki:

Photo credit: Juha Laitalainen

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Lapinlahti Foundation Support Concert


Dream Broker continues its long-standing support towards mental wellbeing by becoming the latest member of the new Lapinlahti Foundation, joining Pro Lapinlahti mielenterveysseura ry, MIELI Suomen Mielenterveys ry, Y-säätiö, Osuuskunta Lapinlahden tilajakamo and Kaakkois-Suomen sosiaalipsykiatrinen yhdistys ry. The role of Dream Broker is to protect the financing of the foundation and work as a guardian and an enabler to secure the Lapinlahti hospital, its nature, and significantly enhance the role of mental wellbeing and health in Finland. Dream Broker also has the leading role to finance the foundation.

The Lapinlahti Foundation hopes to honour the architectural and cultural history of the Lapinlahti area and the undeniable value of its natural surroundings. The aim of the foundation is to secure the long-term future of the Lapinlahti area and its historical hospital. Going forward, the foundation takes upon the work to preserve and restore the architecturally important hospital building complex, continue to encourage the valuable clinical work around mental health, as well as the ongoing scientific research, while further developing the area into a lively and active centre for mental wellbeing. The foundation believes that the naturally beautiful and peaceful environment, right next to the busy city of Helsinki, should remain open and welcoming to everyone. The Lapinlahti hospital is a national treasure and can work as a symbol for promoting the importance of mental health and wellbeing.

The new non-profit Lapinlahti Foundation will be launched with a support concert headlined by renowned local artists at Tavastia Club, Helsinki, a short walking distance from the Lapinlahti area. The concert takes place on Wednesday the 26th of April, starting at 20:00 (doors open at 19:00).

Pekka Haavisto, the serving Foreign Minister of Finland and long-term member of parliament, representing and having served as the leader of The Greens (Vihreä puolue) Party, has always valued the environment and nature. As Helsinki-born, he appreciates the importance of the Lapinlahti area and will therefore help promote the cause, as patron of the concert.

For tickets and information about the Lapinlahti Foundation Support Concert:

The concert will feature artists like Anssi Kela, Janna, MC Koo, Mira Luoti, Sami Saari, Tuomo & Markus -duo, Tuure Kilpeläinen and many more.

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Dream Broker to promote sales expertise with Best Seller Competition 2023


Dream Broker is the main sponsor of this year’s Best Seller Competition. Best Seller Competition is an annual contest organised for sales students by the Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences and Turku University of Applied Sciences. This year, the competition will be hosted by Haaga-Helia.

First organised in 2010, Best Seller Competition has challenged students from across Finland’s universities of applied sciences to test and develop their sales skills. The sales students participating in the competition will receive sales coaching from both their schools and via the sponsoring companies. The competition offers the students a chance to practice and gain sales experience in demanding personal sales work with realistic customer cases, selling actual products.

Professional sales competence plays a vital role in any company’s business and growth. This initiative enables schools to join forces to promote the importance of cultivating sales expertise in Finland, helping students apply their sales skills in real life, outside the classroom. The event also gives sponsoring companies an opportunity to meet aspiring sales professionals and strengthen their collaboration with local schools and future graduates.

“In Finland we have good engineers and scientists. We still have a lot to do in making our voices heard and getting our products sold internationally. Haaga-Helia and other participating universities of applied sciences are doing important work in teaching and developing of sales work.”

– Rasmus Saarinen, Country Manager and Business Development Director, UK

The competition has always been enabled by companies interested in developing sales as a competence. Dream Broker is happy to partner with Haaga-Helia to promote sales work with local Finnish schools in Best Seller Competition 2023. Sales work is the cornerstone of Dream Broker’s internationalisation strategy, as an independent and income-financed company with operations in eight countries.

“Dream Broker does sales in all its countries by employing local sales talent. Sales work is a part of Dream Broker’s DNA and highly valued in our company. Exporting Finnish goods and expertise is reliant on strong sales.”

– Nelly Nurmi, Country Manager, Finland

Best Seller Competition 2023 will be kicked off with a preliminary qualifying round on March 30th. After the semi-finals, the final round of the competition takes place on April 13th. The final round consists of the best four remaining contestants. Both the semi-finals and finals will be held on the Haaga-Helia campus and streamed online for remote audiences.

Dream Broker wishes all the participating students the best of luck this year!

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For more information about Best Seller Competition:

For more information about open sales positions at Dream Broker:

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Dream Broker donates to Sibelius Academy in recognition of the power of music as art and its positive therapeutical impact

L-R: Mika Ahokas, Emilie Gardberg, Niklas Pokki, Sarri Vuorisalo-Tiitinen

Dream Broker has donated €10 000 to The University of the Arts, Helsinki’s Sibelius Academy in recognition of the power of music as art and its positive therapeutical impact. It is the company’s privilege to help Sibelius Academy in its continued dedication to musical, artistic, as well as academic achievement. The donation comes as part of the company’s wider plan for community support first laid down in 2021.

An internationally recognised centre for developing the musical arts, the Sibelius Academy is the cornerstone of music culture in Finland due to its expertise in teaching, research, and artistic activities. The Sibelius Academy is one of the largest music academies in Europe, with the primary mission of renewing and fostering the music culture. The love of music and uncompromising passion for their work is the driving force behind this mission.

A creative community of approximately 1,500 students and 500 teachers, the Sibelius Academy attracts the best from across the continent to study, learn and teach. The international nature of the institution is reflected in their research, teachings, concerts, and other institutional activities.

The Academy has also been focusing on research and teaching the relationship between music and the mind. Mental health and wellbeing have been areas of focus during the past years as the Dean of Sibelius Academy, Emilie Gardberg, explained.

“We are coming out of a very difficult time. The pandemic has been very challenging and difficult, especially for young people. The power of music and its universal language is now more important than ever. Music offers a way of expressing emotions and it also has a therapeutic effect. When rebuilding our society, music and the arts have great importance.”
– Emilie Gardberg, Dean of Sibelius Academy

Dream Broker remains steadfast in supporting their customers, employees, and the community. The company believes in building a better future for our community by supporting valuable and meaningful causes. As the company continues to grow in stature, it hopes to help their community grow together by contributing to these causes as much as possible.

“This donation is a symbolic gesture that we hope will inspire other growing and successful businesses to give back to the arts, culture and community through philanthropy. Music as art can heal and comfort us – the timeless and eternal language of our souls.”
– Mika Ahokas, CEO, Dream Broker

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Dream Broker continues expansion in 2023 by opening a London subsidiary in the United Kingdom

L-R: Rasmus Saarinen, Mika Ahokas
Dream Broker, the Finnish-European online video software powerhouse is expanding into the United Kingdom with a subsidiary company in London. The London office will oversee operations in the UK and gain traction from London’s unique position as a true global capital. The office has begun its operations in January 2023.  

Mr. Rasmus Saarinen, Country Manager and Business Development Director, UK, leads the United Kingdom operations, reporting directly to Mika Ahokas, CEO of Dream Broker. 

The United Kingdom is a natural point of interest for operational expansion for any growth company due to its importance as an international trade hub and gateway to Commonwealth countries and the Anglosphere. The Commonwealth of Nations is home to over 2.5 billion people in 56 member countries. It plays an instrumental role in the promotion of trade, democracy and cultural exchange across the globe. In particular, London is a vital centre of trade and home to headquarters and subsidiaries of a vast number of multinational businesses and organisations.  

Entering the UK market has been in Dream Broker’s internationalisation strategy for years and is a significant milestone for the company. A presence in the United Kingdom is the latest step for the company to materialise its vision of revolutionising communication with easy-to-use, cyber secure video communication software.  

After being founded in 2007, Dream Broker has been one of the fastest growing companies in Europe, serving over 1100 loyal customers, in 8 countries, and offices in 10 cities. Today, the company is the market leader in the Nordics and one of the biggest players in Europe. As the company continues its expansion through Central and Western Europe, it offers a growing product family, of easy-to-use and cyber secure communication products: Dream Broker Studio, Dream Broker #One and Nian. 

As before, Dream Broker will trust the operational expansion and realisation of its vision and mission into the hands of locally sourced talent to ensure that their international clients are served by people who best understand their needs. With a diverse and locally minded team, the company and its London team will continue to drive the future of communication. 

Additional Information:

CEO, Mika Ahokas, Dream Broker Ltd,

Country Manager and Business Development Director, UK, Rasmus Saarinen, 
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Dream Broker continues to support exceptional athletes and community interests

L-R: Toni Nieppola, Marjut Hämäläinen

As a company, Dream Broker is committed to maintaining a positive standard of corporate social responsibility. Enabling athletes, who are performing at an exceptional level within their sport, are no exception. On this occasion, Dream Broker is privileged to shine a spotlight on young Finnish talent, Marjut Hämäläinen, who is one of the few female competitors in the male-dominated sport of shooting.

Dream Broker has partnered with the Ostrobothnia Academic National Defense Association – Pohjanmaan Akateeminen Maanpuolustusseura Ry (PAM ry) – to champion women in the sport of shooting and help the voluntary Finnish national defence efforts. The company is humbled to announce that a meaningful donation was presented to Toni Nieppola, Chairman of PAM ry, on 14.4.2022. The donation will be used to scale the foundation’s operations by purchasing new sports equipment and infrastructure.

The Ostrobothnian Academic National Defense Association (PAM ry) is a reserve organisation under the Finnish Reserve Officers‘ Association, founded on March 22, 1961. It is currently one of the oldest recreational organisations at the University of Oulu and consists of over 300 active members from alumni, students, and staff. The association manages and organises activities that support and promote the mental and physical wellbeing of its members through sports, training and competition events. PAM ry also cooperates with other reservist organisations for students through the Student Reserve District (ORUP). 

Organisations that support the physical and mental wellbeing of grassroots communities align with Dream Broker’s core values. PAM ry provides opportunities for female shooting stars like Marjut Hämäläinen, to develop and succeed in a male-dominated sport. Therefore, it is a precious and meaningful partnership for the company to support the association.

For more information about PAM ry, visit

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Dream Broker Studio powers webinar event with game-changing webcast technology

From left to right: Mika Ahokas, Outi Särkkä, Katherine Greatrex, Kalle Valkama, Sami Siekkinen, Lauri Heikkilä

Dream Broker Studio software is constantly developed to empower customers to revolutionise their communication with online video. On 23rd November 2022, the company organised its first webinar event, Dream Day 2022, with up to 500 participants.

Dream Day 2022 Webinar was successfully powered by Dream Broker Studio’s webcasting technology. Webinar participants had the first-hand opportunity to experience how seamless and easy it is to launch their own webcast event live during the demonstration.

In the two-hour event, Dream Broker showcased the latest game-changing features, Webcasting, VideoHub and DreamTV App. Participants heard expert insights and gained best practices from customer speakers, Katy Greatrex (Commercial Product Information Manager, Vaisala Oyj) and Outi Särkkä (Senior Communications Manager, Caverion Oyj) on the revolution of communication with online video. Participants also learnt about the newest opportunities Dream Broker Studio has to offer. If you missed Dream Day 2022, you can contact us for a recording of the webinar event.

Using Dream Broker Studio with Webcasting, organisations can take advantage of both on-demand video and live video streaming to reach their targeted audiences, internally and externally. They can maximise the effects of their content depending on their use cases for communication, leadership, and training.

“Dream Broker Studio software with webcasting technology fulfils the most important communication, leadership and training needs of any organisation and makes it smooth to choose between on-demand and live video communication on a daily basis.”

– Mika Ahokas, CEO

Webcasts can be easily and securely shared via the Dream Broker Studio’s existing channel structure. Users can start their own live webcasting event without the need to hire external professionals or invest in expensive equipment. After the webcasting event ends, the recording can be processed immediately for editing and further distribution within Dream Broker Studio’s channels.

At the end of the webinar, Dream Broker gave participants a sneak preview into the future of communication and introduced a new software product, Dream Broker #One. The first cyber secure, all-in-one communication software solution from Europe.

Contact us to learn how you can be the first to try Dream Broker #One.

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Dream Broker receives support from European Regional Development Fund

Dream Broker Oy has received support from European Regional Development Fund through the Center for Economic Development, Transport and Environment in Häme. The support is part of the Finnish structural fund programme „Sustainable growth and jobs 2014-2020“. The support is directed to product development work, growth and internationalisation.

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CEO, Mika Ahokas, Dream Broker Ltd,

PR & Communications: Alexandra Taimitarha, Dream Broker Ltd,

Dream Broker makes 12 500 € donation to MIELI on their 125th anniversary

In celebration of the 125th anniversary of the Finnish Mental health Association (MIELI), Dream Broker has made another donation on behalf of all their customers to support mental health and wellbeing across Europe. As a company, Dream Broker is committed in a number of ways to maintaining a positive standard of corporate social responsibility.

Dream Broker is very humbled to announce that a donation of €12 500 was presented to Mieli at their 125th Jubilee event on 31.3.2022 in Helsinki, Finland.

Operating for 125 years, MIELI is the oldest non-governmental organisation dedicated to mental health in the world. In Operating for 125 years, MIELI is the oldest non-governmental organisation dedicated to mental health in the world. In addition to operating at an international level, they are also one of the largest mental health organisations in Finland, with 54 local member associations, being run by almost 150 professionals and over 3,000 volunteers. Their goals include promoting mental health and wellbeing, providing crisis support and preventing mental health issues.

Mieli’s 125-year anniversary slogan is “Jokainen mieli on tärkeä”, in Finnish, meaning that every ‘mind’ is important. The theme promotes and defends the universal right to good mental health, regardless of age or background. 2022 also marks 20 years of collaboration with the youth and children in schools.

Supporting customers, employees, and the community is a key tenet at Dream Broker. Therefore, it is a valuable and meaningful endeavour to continue supporting Mieli now and in the future. Mika Ahokas, CEO of Dream Broker, remains steadfast in encouraging everyone, as individuals and companies, to support the mental wellbeing and health of those around them.

From left to right: Mika Ahokas, Sari Aalto-Matturi, Kristian Wahlbeck
Photographer: Kalle Erkkilä

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Supporting mental health and wellbeing at the workplace together with MENTUPP

Dream Broker is humbled to announce that it was chosen as one of the first companies to participate in a pilot programme to improve mental health in the workplace. MENTUPP (Mental Health Promotion and Intervention in Occupational Settings) is a EU-funded research project. The project aims to increase mental health awareness and support those with mental health related issues in businesses. The research project is targeting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

The MENTUPP pilot programme focuses on firms and enterprises in 9 countries in 3 different sectors (Construction, Health and ICT) and has been conducted by the University College Cork in Ireland with the help of other contributors, many universities and research organisations, one of them being the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, THL. Due to the shift in modern ways of working in today’s society and global climate, the topic concerns most of us in businesses and public organisations.

The collaboration with MENTUPP has been effective in helping Dream Broker employees to open up discussions about their mental wellbeing in the workplace. “MENTUPP has helped to de-stigmatise mental health issues and provided opportunities for leaders to better understand the mental health and wellbeing of their employees,” states CEO Mika Ahokas. This in turn has helped to develop improvements in the workplace altogether, as well as allowed leaders and employees to act decisively to prevent any mental health challenges.

“We have received very positive feedback from the THL/MENTUPP research programme and internally from our employees. The experience has been smooth and easy to adapt from start to finish and we continue to benefit from the MENTUPP programme even after the project has ended. ” Emma Lounaskorpi, Executive & Personal Assistant of CEO and responsible for the occupational healthcare at Dream Broker.

Participants were guided through a step-by-step process which involves questionnaires and online materials that aim to support mental health and wellbeing. “The heart of the project is the MENTUPP Hub that provides educational material for managers, employees and colleagues within organisations about different types of mental health issues and their early signs.” Johanna Cresswell-Smith, Project Coordinator, THL explains.

Participating in this novel research project since 2021 fits well to the company’s core values and ongoing initiatives relating to mental health and healthcare, such as taking care of social responsibility and those in weaker positions. Mika Ahokas, CEO, highly recommends the MENTUPP programme and hopes other Finnish and European companies will follow suit.

Physical and mental health is taken seriously at Dream Broker. The video (see above) highlights testimonials from Dream Broker employees sharing their personal experiences with MENTUPP. Dream Broker would like to thank the MENTUPP Project Research Team for the unique opportunity to participate.

For more information about MENTUPP, visit

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Dream Broker

Mika Ahokas, CEO, Dream Broker Ltd, Tel. +358 40 583 7782,

MENTUPP Project Research Team

Professor Kristian Wahlbeck, Project Coordinator, THL, Tel. +358 400 659 101,

Johanna Cresswell-Smith, Project Coordinator, THL, Tel. +358 29 524 7351,

Saara Rapeli, Research Officer, THL, Tel. +358 29 524 7102,