A meaningful and lasting donation on behalf of all customers

Dream Broker wishes to express their gratitude and thanks to their customers, and this holiday season will be making a donation on behalf of all their customers to support the mental health and wellbeing across Europe. The donation will go to the Finnish Association for Mental Health (MIELI), to whom Dream Broker has already made multiple donations, and also, in recognition of the power of musical therapy and art, the Sibelius Academy as a part of the University of Arts.

Instead of sending physical gifts, Dream Broker wished to do something more meaningful and lasting. As a company, Dream Broker is committed in a number of ways to maintaining a positive standard of corporate social responsibility. Dream Broker has already donated to MIELI in the past and wants to continue supporting their work now and in the future.

Operating for over 120 years, MIELI is the oldest non-governmental organisation dedicated to mental health in the world. In addition to operating at an international level, they are also one of the largest mental health organisations in Finland, with 54 local member associations, being run by almost 150 professionals and over 3,000 volunteers. Their goals include promoting mental health and wellbeing, providing crisis support and preventing mental health issues. Their aim is to build a society wherein people can talk about mental health safely, confidently and without stigma.

An internationally recognised centre for developing the musical arts, the Sibelius Academy is the cornerstone of music culture in Finland thanks to its expertise in teaching, research, and artistic activities. The Sibelius Academy is one of the largest music academies in Europe, with the primary mission of renewing and fostering the music culture. The love of music and uncompromising passion for their work is the driving force behind this mission.

A creative community of approximately 1,500 students and 500 teachers, the Sibelius Academy attracts the best from across the continent to study, learn and teach. The international nature of the institution is reflected in everything they do, from research and teaching to concerts and other activities. One of their areas of focus is researching and teaching the relationship between music and the mind.

Dream Broker is a firm believer in supporting their customers, employees, and the community, and see that supporting these two organisations is both a valuable and meaningful endeavour. Mika Ahokas, CEO of Dream Broker, encourages everyone, as individuals and companies, to support the mental wellbeing and health of those around them.

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